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Direct Research Journals
Vol.3 (12), pp. 211-216, December 2015
ISSN ;2354-4147

Amino acid profile of Bombax Buonopozense (West African Bombax) Leaves
Article Number: DRJA17085279

Original Research Article

*1Muluh Emmmanuel  Khan and 2Eyo  Edem  Bassey

1Chemistry Department University of Agriculture, P.M.B, 2373 Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria.

2Chemical Science Technology Department, Federal Polytechnic Mubi, Adamawa State, Nigeria.

date Received: November 14, 2015     date Accepted: December 7, 2015     date Published: December 12, 2015


This article seeks to expose the nutritional value of the plant so as to educate the populace/ community of its nutritional value. A total of seventeen (17) amino acids were determined in the Bombax buonopozense leaves with their corresponding values expressed in g/100 g of protein. Eight (8) of the 17 amino acids determined are essential amino acids with leucine having the highest value of 6.80±0.003 and methionine the least with a value of 1.25±0.003. Three (3) of the 17 amino acids determined are non-essential amino acids comprising of alanine (3.20±0.003), Glutamic acid (8.15±0.006) and aspartic acid (8.10±0.03) and six (6) were determined as conditional amino acids with Arginine having a value of 4.62±0.003 as the highest and cysteine as the least with a value of 1.05±0.003. B. buonopozense leaves provide all the essential amino acids and offer superior food value for undernourished populations in Nigeria and other developing countries if adequately harnessed.

Key Words: Amino acid, Bombax buonopozense, medicinal / nutritional plant value.