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Research Journal of Social Science and Educational Studies (DRJSSES) Vol.2 (4), pp. 60-68, September 2015

An Investigative Study of Research Productivity of the Academic Staff in Public Universities in Uganda
Article Number: DRJA17085205

Original Research Article

Robert Kyaligonza

East African School of Higher Education Studies and Development, College of Education and External Studies, Makerere University, Uganda.

date Received: July 28, 2015     date Accepted: August 25, 2015     date Published: September 8, 2015


This study examined the level and the correlates of research productivity of the Academic Staff in Public Universities in Uganda. The findings of the study established that the total research productivity was moderate (Mean=3.12, SD=1.43.) Research productivity was however high in co-authored textbooks (Mean=4.49, SD=1.71), journal articles (Mean=4.39, SD=1.63), and book chapters (mean=4.35, SD=1.39). Research productivity was high among Professors (Mean=4.5, SD=1.22), Associate Professors (Mean=4.11, SD=1.24) and Senior Lecturers (Mean=3.66, SD=1.4). The major correlates of research productivity in this case were environmental (Mean=3.71, SD=1.21), and Personal career development (Mean=3.51; SD=1.23), while institutional (Mean =3.39, SD=1.21) and demographic factors (Mean=3.17, SD=1.24) were found to have a moderate effect on research productivity. It was recommended that focus to improve research productivity should be put on environmental, career and development factors first and later on institutional and demographic factors.

Key words: Research Productivity, Public Universities, Academic Staff, Uganda.