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DRCMS) Vol.2 (2), pp. 21-26, June 2014
ISSN 2354-4163

Basement depth estimates of Sokoto sedimentary basin,Northwestern Nigeria,using spectral depth analysis.
Article Number: DRJA17087471

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Bonde, D.S1*, Rai J.K.1, Joshua, B.W1 and Abbas M2.

1Department of physics, Kebbi State University of Science and Technology, Aliero.Kebbi State , Nigeria.
2Department of physics, Federal University Technology, Minna, Nigeria.

date Received: May 6, 2014     date Accepted: May 31, 2015     date Published: June 30, 2014


Basement depth estimation of Sokoto sedimentary basin was carried out to determine the sedimentary thickness in all parts of the basin, The total magnetic field values of the basin, obtained by digitizing the contour maps of the basin, which was used to produce the composite map of the area. The Sokoto basin is situated between latitudes 10o 30″ N to 14o 00″ N and longitude 3 o 30″ E to 7o 00″ E with an estimated area of 59,570 km2.Spectral depth analysis was carried out on each of the twenty nine aeromagnetic sheets covering the basin, to estimate the depths to basement. The results of the spectral studies indicate an increase in sedimentation northwards, with several depressions on the basement rock. Two prominent magnetization layers of depths varying from 0.04 km to 0.95 km and 0.36 km to 2.88 km were observed. The areas, where higher sedimentary thicknesses are observed such as sheets No. 31(Talata Mafara), sheet No.10 (Sokoto) and sheet No.51(Gummi) are the most probable sites for prospect of hydrocarbon accumulation in the basin.

Key words: Geophysical investigation, Basement depth, composite map, sedimentary thickness, anomalies