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Direct Research Journal of Public Health and Environmental Technology:Vol.3 (2), pp 34-40, May 2018
ISSN 4372-2603

Characterization of Seed Oil from Citrullus lanatus (Watermelon)
Article Number: DRJA6513097842

Original Research Article

Gabriel A. F., Igwemmar N. C, *Sadam A. A., and Babalola S. A.

Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Abuja, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria.

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date Received: April 20, 2018     date Accepted: May 17, 2018     date Published: May 29, 2018


Large varieties of the pumpkin family such as watermelon seed oil have been previously explored for their medicinal conventions due to the presence of bioactive metabolites such as cucurbitacin, triterpenes, sterols, alkaloids, vitamins and minerals, but none of these products have gained utilization on industrial scale. This research is to verify the ongoing experimental and biological analysis to corroborate its ethno-medicinal utilization. It centers on the investigation of the phytochemical composition and nutritional bioassay of the indigenous watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) seed oil sold in Gwagwalada market, Gwagwalada Abuja district Nigeria (Longitude 8°N and 7°E). Results of the investigation revealed that the anti-nutritional components such as saponins, alkaloids, phenols, flavonoids and tannins were detected in the sample using n-hexane and ethanol solvent. There are major elements such as Zn (4.8 mg/100g), Ca (27.0 mg/100g) and Mg (29.8 mg/100g). Furthermore, the proximate analysis shows that there are presence of crude protein (19.43±0.38%), ash (5.03±0.05%) crude fibre (26.10±0.03%), crude lipid (21.54±0.2%), moisture (10.92±0.02%) and carbohydrate (16.98%) respectively. Although there have been significant nutritional value in the seed which is the parts always subverted on the basis of acclaimed toxicity, these in turns can be recommended on daily allowance, maintenance of good nutritional status and good health.

Keywords: Characterization, citrullus lanatus, seed oil