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Direct Research Journals
Vol.4 (2), pp. 19-27, February 2016
ISSN; 2354-4147

Consumer purchasing behavior for Korla Bergamot Pear in China: based on a consumer perception perspective
Article Number: DRJA19630292

Original Research Article

Ruifeng Liu

College of Economics and Management, Henan Agricultural University Zhengzhou, China.

date Received: January 2, 2016     date Accepted: January 23, 2016     date Published: February 2, 2016


This research analyses consumer’s purchasing behavior for Korla bergamot pear by using 585 questionnaires of consumers in Beijing, Shanghai and Zhengzhou of China to examine the factors determining the purchasing behavior through Heckman two-stage decision-making model. The results show that factors determining the possibility of purchase include consumer’s education level, age, income level, vocational status, requirements for quality, safety, freshness and appearance, emphasis on the place of origin, product brand, price level and the degree of recognition for recommendation from relatives or friends; and factors determining the quantity of purchase include consumer’s gender, age, income level, requirement for quality and safety, emphasis on the place of origin and price level. Significant differences are also found among the purchasing behavior in different cities.

Key words: Featured agricultural product, Heckman two-stage decision-making model, consumer behavior, China.