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Direct Research Journals
Direct Research Journal of Engineering and Information Technology: Vol.5 (3), pp. 22-27, September 2018
ISSN 2354-4155

Design, Construction and Testing of a Chalk Moulding Machine
Article Number: DRJA107154893

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I. G. Davou Chomo, L. I. Pam and Z. S. Johnson*

Mechanical Engineering Department, Plateau State Polytechnic, Barkin Ladi, Plateau State, Nigeria.

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date Received: September 2, 2018     date Accepted: September 20, 2018     date Published: September 25, 2018


The ever increasing number of schools in Nigeria and other developing countries enlarges the demand and consumption of chalk. To meet this demand, it is imperative to align the demand with production. The aim of this work is to design, construct and test a chalk moulding machine with high level of local content and competitive produce. The constructed moulding machine was able to produce seventy-three packets of chalk, each packet containing eighty sticks of chalk, with an efficiency of seventy-six percent. The chalk produced writes smoothly and is easily erased.

Keywords: Diagenesis, Chert, Flint, Calcite, Calcium Carbonate