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Direct Research Journal of Social Science and Educational Studies (DRJSSES): Vol.4 (1), pp. 15-18, June 2017
ISSN 2449-0806: International Standard Journal Number (ISJN) e-ISJN: A4372-2600

Development of silent reading comprehension test: Analysis of student’s skills of one of the State Universities and Colleges offering agriculture program in Caraga Region, Philippines
Article Number: DRJA29388385

Original Research Article

Rosa Caybot-Plaza, MAELT1* and Adelyne C. Abrea2

Assistant Prof. II1, Surigao del Sur State University-Tagbina Campus, 8308, Philippines.

Professor2, Philippine Normal University – Agusan Campus, 8504, Philippines.

*Corresponding  Author Email:

date Received: May 2, 2017     date Accepted: June 23, 2017     date Published: June 30, 2017


The study developed a silent reading comprehension skills test of one of the State University and Colleges (SUC’s) in Caraga Region offering agriculture program using Direct Reading Thinking Activity (DRTA) format. Results revealed that agriculture instructors used the 20 popular textbooks, 20 popular general references, and 15 popular serials for instruction. These references were used in developing the test. Series of revisions, rearranging and renumbering in the test questionnaire were done to present the ideas in logical and comprehensive form. Furthermore, improvement of tests were done four times correspond to sessions and obtained very satisfactory/outstanding reading materials and highly reliable test in agriculture with Pearson r value of 0.99. Usability assessment showed highly usable in ease of administration, scoring, less expense and no interference and moderately usable in less time to those who are involved.

Key words: Direct Reading Thinking Activity, reading selections, silent reading comprehension skills, SUC