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Vol.5 (1), pp. 1-8, January 2017
ISSN 2354-4147: International Standard Journal Number (ISJN) e-ISJN: A4372-2604

Does salinity enhance allelopathic effects of Tribulus terrestris L. in Citrullus vulgaris schrad. Agroecosystems at Nobaria, Egypt?
Article Number: DRJA39860109

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Botany and Microbiology Department, Faculty of Science, Alexandria University, Alexandria 21511, Egypt. *Corresponding author E-mail:

date Received: November 2, 2016     date Accepted: December 10, 2016     date Published: December 14, 2016


Field observations in summer season at year 2013 showed that growth and yield of Citrullus vulgaris at Nobaria district, Egypt was highly affected by some unidentified stressful conditions. Presumably, the problem was confined considerably to the two combined factors; soil salinity and suppressive effects of Tribulus terrestris (a common weed dominant in C. vulgaris fields in the study area). Field and laboratory experiments were carried out to confirm the preceding hypothesis.The interaction between the two factors was found to be harmful to C. vulgaris plant. Field experiment revealed that phytomass and leaf area index (LAI) of the study plant were significantly reduced in the vicinity of T. terrestris (poor weed management) than in good weed management. Likewise, in laboratory test the interaction between both salinity and allelochemicals watery extracted from T. terrestris plant severely affected germination efficiency, hypocotyl-radicle length and germination index of C. vulgaris compared to the effect of just one factor. In conclusion, T. terrestris had a considerably suppressive effect on the growth and yield of C. vulgaris, which was increased under slight or moderate salinity. Importantly, weed management in desert agro-ecosystems is an essential strategy to avoid a wide array of interactions between crop-weed from one side and weed-external climatic and edaphic factors from the other side.

Key words: Allelopathy, Germination efficiency, LAI, Phytomass, Plant density, Salinity, Tribulus terrestris, Citrullus vulgaris.