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Direct Research Journal of Agriculture and Food Science:Vol.5 (3), pp. 130-132, March 2017
ISSN 2354-4147 International Standard Journal Number (ISJN) e-ISJN: A4372-2604

Effect of different freezing periods on the chemical composition of the fish Nile Tilapia (Oreochromus niloticus)
Article Number: DRJA10870935

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Haram Hassan Abbas Bakhiet, Somia ALmegdad and Salma ALgily

Department of Fisheries and Wildlife Science College of Animal Production Science and Technology,Sudan University of Science and Technology P.O.BOX 204, Khartoum North ,Sudan.

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date Received: January 7, 2017     date Accepted: February 15, 2017     date Published: March 1, 2017


The study was designed to investigate the effect of frozen storage period on the chemical composition of Nile tilapia fish (Oreochromis niloticus). The samples were bought from Elmawrada fish market and were subjected to thirty days of frozen storage periods and analyzed at intervals of (0, 15, 30,) days. Protein decreases with increasing duration of frozen storage with the fresh samples having the highest protein content 33.88% while the least 23.26% was recorded for fish samples that were frozen for thirty days. Similar results were obtained for the moisture content where the least content was 61.50% and the highest was 79.33% also the fat content changed from 7.75% to 6.10.

Key words: Freezing, tilapia, chemical composition