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Direct Research Journal of Biology and Biotechnology (DRJBB): Vol. 3 (1), pp. 30-35, April 2017
International Standard Journal Number ISJN: A4372-2608

Effect of the growth rate on Clarias gariepinus using corn chaff mixed with grind Tilapia fish
Article Number: DRJA915301176

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Department of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science, University of Abuja, Abuja, Nigeria.

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date Received: February 19, 2017     date Accepted: March 20, 2017     date Published: April 4, 2017


The efficacy of corn chaff with fish meal as an ingredient in the diet of the African catfish, Clarias gariepinus, of mean weight 40.18±0.51g was evaluated over a 60-days growth period. Four experimental diets were formulated at 0% (control), 25%, 50% and 75% inclusion levels of corn chaff and fish meal. A control diet of corn chaff with fish meal serving as the only protein source was formulated. The 60-days feeding experiment was conducted in plastics container. Fish fed 25% of corn chaff with fish meal recorded the best growth performance in body weight gain and Specific Growth Rate (SGR), although the best Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) was recorded for fish fed on the control diet of 0% corn chaff with fish meal. There were no significant differences between fish fed the control diet and the other experimental (P>0.05). The study demonstrated that corn chaff with fish meal may be included in the diets of Clarias gariepinus at inclusion levels of up to 50% but it is efficacious and cost effective at 25% inclusion level. It is, therefore, recommended that corn chaff with fish meal be used partially to replace the expensive and imported fish meal.

Keywords: Corn chaff, Tilapia fish, formulated feed