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Direct Research Journal of Social Science and Educational Studies (DRJSSES):Vol.4 (2), pp. 19-24, August 2017
ISSN 2449-0806

Instructional Resources and Teachers’ Facilitation of Skill Based Subjects on attainment of Entrepreneurial Skills by Junior Secondary Students’ in Rivers East Educational Zone, Nigeria
Article Number: DRJA10653097

Original Research Article

Godfrey-Kalio, I. A1, Kalio, G. A2* and Ndifon, R. A.1

1Department of Curriculum and Teaching, Faculty of Education, University of Calabar, P.M.B. 5111, Calabar, Nigeria.  2Department of Agricultural Science, Faculty of Vocational and Technical Education, Ignatius Ajuru University of Education, P.M.B. 5047, Rivers State, Nigeria.

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date Received: July 1, 2017     date Accepted: August 11, 2017     date Published: August 24, 2017


Descriptive survey to investigate the relevance of instructional resources and teachers’ facilitation of skill based subjects on the attainment of entrepreneurial skills by Junior Secondary Students’ was conducted. The study was guided by two null hypotheses using 16,647 teachers and 19,737 students as the population. 10% of the teachers and 16.86% of the students were selected using the stratified sampling technique in each of the LGAs (state the names of the local government areas) to give a total of one thousand six hundred and sixty four (1,664) teachers and three thousand three hundred and twenty eight (3,328) students respectively. Two research instruments: ‘‘Instructional Resources and Teachers’ Facilitation of Skilled Based Subject Questionnaire (IR&TFSBSQ)” and “Attainment of Entrepreneurial Skills Questionnaire (AESQ)” were used. The Pearson Product Moment correlation and Chi-square were used for data analysis. Results revealed a positive relationship between instructional resources and teachers’ facilitation of skilled based subject and the attainment of entrepreneurial skills. These variables influenced the attainment of entrepreneurship skills in making poultry feeds, soap and tie and dye of fabrics among the students. It is pertinent for basic education school leavers to acquire entrepreneurial skills to prevent negative societal influence on them. It is therefore recommended that educational authorities recruit qualified teachers in skill based subjects, provide adequate instructional resources, produce locally fabricated machines and tools in collaboration with the National Education Technology Centre (NETC) and laboratories for effective teaching and learning, training and retraining of teachers to impart relevant entrepreneurial skills to pupils for self-reliance.

Key words:  Instructional resources, teachers’ facilitation, skilled based subjects, entrepreneurial skills, Basic education students.