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Direct Research Journal of Biology and Biotechnology (DRJBB): Vol. 3 (1), pp. 1-8, April 2017
International Standard Journal Number ISJN: A4372-2608

Growth rate of Clarias gariepinus fingerlings fed with millet chaffs
Article Number: DRJA915306579

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Department of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science, University of Abuja, Abuja, Nigeria.

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date Received: February 19, 2017     date Accepted: March 20, 2017     date Published: April 4, 2017


The study was carried out to determine the effect of millet chaffs as feed on the growth rate of Clarias gariepinus fingerlings. Sixty fingerlings were used in the study. 10 fingerlings were randomly selected and placed in transparent aquaria with dimensions (10 cm diameter x 20 cm depth) each. The initial lengths and weights of the selected fingerlings were recorded for replicate. The millet chaffs meal was mixed thoroughly with other feedstuffs to produce three isoproteic (CP 3: 40%). The treatment diets at 40% crude protein were prepared as Diet 0, Diet 1and Diet 2. Diet 0 contained only millet chaffs (MC). Diet 1 contained coppens supplements of 50 kg of millet chaffs and 50 kg of coppens and Diet 3 contains only coppens. Fingerlings were fee twice daily (07.00 and 18.00 h) at 10% body weight for 72 days. No significant differences were observed in the Weight gain, Gain in Length, Specific growth rate and Condition factor of C. gariepenus fed with the varying diets (P>0.05). The highest initial weight was recorded in the 30% millet chaff fed fishes with 6.08 g followed by 50% millet chaff fed fishes with 6.06 g. The lowest initial weight was recorded in group fed the control diet with 5.91g. Highest final weight was recorded in the 50% millet chaff fed fishes with 22.37 g followed with the group fed with coppen with 21.8 g. In terms of total weight gain, 50% millet chaff fed fishes gave the best growth (16.31 g) followed by control treated group (15.89g), while 30% millet chaff fed fishes had the lowest weight gain with (4.65 g).

Keywords: Formulated feed, millet chaff, growth rate.