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Direct Research Journal of Agriculture and Food Science:Vol.4 (12), pp. 345-350, December 2016
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Factors Influencing Adoption of Rubber based Technologies among Small holding Rubber Farmers in Edo State, Nigeria
Article Number: DRJA87510184

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Imarhiagbe, P., Umar, H. Y.* and Otene, F. G.

Research Outreach Department, Rubber Research Institute of Nigeria,  P. M.   B 1049, Iyanomo, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria.

*Corresponding author E-mail:

date Received: August 1, 2016     date Accepted: October 22, 2016     date Published: November 16, 2016


The study investigated the factors influencing adoption of rubber based technologies among. Smallholding rubber farmers in Edo state, Nigeria. The objectives were to ascertain the socio-economic characteristics of rubber farmers, determine their level of awareness and the factors influencing adoption of improved rubber technologies in Edo state. The purposive sampling technique was used to select five rubber growing Local Government Areas in the State. Random Sampling technique was employed to select four communities each making a total of twenty (20) communities. Multiple stage random sampling technique was used to select 12 farmers each from the communities, making a total of 240 farmers. Data were analysed using frequency distribution, percentage, multiple regression, and  Z- test. The result on multiple regression analysis showed that income, technology awareness and contact with extension agents had significant influence on adoption. The study recommends the need for government to support rubber farmers through the sale of farm inputs to farmers directly at subsidized rates and on time so as to enhance farmers’ agricultural productivity. Also, promotion of rubber farmers’ income sources such as off-farm employment and livestock production should be encouraged so as to increase farmers income to finance the purchase of farm inputs. Frequency of contact between extension staff and farmers should be strengthened as to enhance adoption of rubber production technologies in the study area.

Key words: Adoption, smallholding, rubber technologies