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Vol.2(3):25-27,March 2014

Studies on physiological amelioration of deleterious effects of drought on Sorghum bicolor (l) Moench
Article Number: DRJA17087871

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Department of Biological Science, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State Nigeria.

date Received: February 5, 2014     date Accepted: March 17, 2014     date Published: March 30, 2014


The present study was carried out to evaluate physiological treatments of stressed compounds and soil Mycorrhiza that will minimize the negative effects of drought on sorghum. Results indicated that drought affected sorghum plants had least height, crude  fibre and starch contents, amylase and proteinase, and as well as yields. Drought amelioration was best recorded with Mycorrhizal drought amelioration, followed by 15% trehalose drought amelioration.

Key word:Sorghum bicolor, Mycorrhiza, amelioration, Vegetative growth, proximate.