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Vol.2 (6), pp. 66-76, July 2014

An economic analysis of turmeric production in Tamil Nadu, India
Article Number: DRJA17087613

Original Research Article

V. Karthik* and J.S. Amarnath

1Tamil Nadu Agricultural University Coimbatore-641 003,India.
2Department of Agricultural Economics Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Agricultural College and Research Institute,Madurai-625 104.Tamil Nadu.

date Received: October 8, 2013     date Accepted: November 23, 2013     date Published: July 30, 2014


The present study revealed that the cost of cultivation of turmeric per hectare was Rs. 119873.75. The gross income realized per hectare was Rs. 247754.92. The net income was Rs. 127881.17 per ha. The Cobb-Douglas production function showed that planting material, nitrogen, potash, harvesting and curing, machine hours and irrigation contributed significant influence on yield of turmeric. The technical efficiency analysis indicated the importance of harvesting and curing, and irrigation in turmeric cultivation. The positive value of NPV, BCR of greater than one and IRR of more than current bank rate revealed the financial feasibility of turmeric processing unit.

Key words: Cobb-Douglas production function, MVP, MIC, NPV, BCR and IRR