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Direct Research Journal of Agriculture and Food Science : Vol.4 (12), pp. 326-333, December 2016
ISSN 2354-4147: International Standard Journal Number (ISJN) e-ISJN: A4372-2604

Preliminary Observations on the Ichthyofauna and Ichthyobiomass of River Dinder Flood Plains in Sudan
Article Number: DRJA67840196

Original Research Article

Abdel Moneim Khalid1, Ahmed Al Badawi Adam2* and El Saeir Hassan Mohamed Salih3

1General Administration of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, Fisheries Research Center, Khartoum, Sudan

2General Administration of Fisheries, Fisheries Research Center, Jazan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

3Department of Fisheries, College of Natural Resources, University of Juba, Southern Sudan.

*Corresponding author E-mail:

date Received: October 4, 2016     date Accepted: October 26, 2016     date Published: November 16, 2016


The ichthyofauna of River Dinder flood plains consisted of (31) species belonging to 20 genera and 13 families representing about 14.4% of the total number of fish species occurring in the River Nile and its tributaries in Sudan. The catch was dominated by species belonging to the families Clariidae, Characidae, Cichlidae, Bagridae, Distichodontidae and Osteoglossidae respectively. Ras Amir ‘mayah’, the largest water body in the flood plains, contained the most diversified fish fauna among the six sampled stations with a total number of 21 species. Birkat El Orta pool ranked second (13 species), followed by Ain El Shamis ‘mayah’ (10 species), then Al Tabia pool (9 species), Greirisa ‘mayah’ (5 species) and finally Birkat El Timsah pool with only 4 species. The highest mean catch per unit effort (CPUE) was obtained for Birkat El Timsah pool with a mean value of 2233 kg/100m2/ day. Mean CPUE values of 152, 62, 35, 26 and 24 kg/100m2/day were recorded for El Tabia pool, Greirisa ‘mayah’, Ain El Shamis ‘mayah’, Ras Amir ‘mayah’ and Birkat El Orta pool respectively.

Key words: Catch per unit effort, Flood plains, Ichthyobiomass, ichthyofauna, index of evenness, Index of relative importance