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Direct Research Journals
Vol.2 (11), pp. 195-204, December 2014 
ISSN: 2354-4147

Fishing communities and fishing as livelihoods in Adamawa state
Article Number: DRJA17087065

Original Research Article

*1Baka Goji Linus, 2Sogbesan O. Amos, 3Ekundayo Taiye Michael, and 4Kesonga G. Michael

1Ministry of Environment, Yola, Adamawa state, Nigeria.

2,3,4Modibbo Adama University of Technology, Yola, Adamawa state, Nigeria.

date Received: August 5, 2014     date Accepted: September 20, 2014     date Published: December 30, 2014


This paper deals with fishing communities and fishing as livelihood in Adamawa State, Nigeria. It identifies the vulnerability, characteristics and activities of each stakeholder. Why fishers migrate, its positive and negative effects on their household. And it also looks at the institutions, organizations and factors that stimulate them and how best they influence the livelihood of the stakeholders and the gender issues in the fishing communities.

Key word: Fishing community, vulnerability, stakeholder, livelihood, migration, household