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Direct Research Journals
Vol.2 (11), pp. 192-194, December 2014 
ISSN: 2354-4147

Studies on variability, heritability and genetic advance in Solanum melongena L.(Brinjal) genotypes
Article Number: DRJA17087013

Original Research Article

C. Mili, G. C. Bora*, B. Das and S. K. Paul

Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat, Assam, India.

date Received: September 2, 2014     date Accepted: October 5, 2014     date Published: December 30, 2014


Genetic characters were studied in 36 different genotypes of brinjal. The genotypes showed significant differences for all the characters under study. High genetic coefficient of variation was observed for single fruit weight, fruit diameter, seed yield/ fruit, pulp seed ratio, total fruit yield/ plot, fruits/ plant, fruit yield/ plant and fruit length. Heritability estimates were high for fruit yield/ plant, pulp seed ratio, plant height, seed yield/ fruit, single fruit weight, fruits/ plant and fruit diameter.  High heritability coupled with high genetic advance was observed for characters like seed yield/ fruit, single fruit weight, fruits/ per plant, total fruit yield/ plot and fruit diameter which can be considered as the favorable attribute for the improvement through selection. Heritability values were higher than those of genetic advance values for all characters which indicated that they were least influenced by environmental changes and showed that the genotypes were the true representative of their genotypes and selection based on phenotypic performance would be reliable.

Key words: Genetic variance, genetic coefficient of variation, heritability, genetic advance.