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Direct Research Journal of Chemistry and Material science Vol.1 (1), pp.1-5, 2013
ISSN: 2354-4163

Concentration of Oxirane and Naphthalene in Selected Petroleum Based Industrial Effluents in Kaduna Metropolis, Nigeria
Article Number: DRJA17089344

Original Research Article

Y. Mohammed,A.O. Aliyu and P. Audu*

1Department of Chemistry, Nigerian Defence AcademyKaduna.
2Environment, Health, Safety and Quality Department,Oando Marketing Plc, Kaduna Lube Plant, Kaduna, Nigeria.

date Received: March 8, 2013     date Accepted: May 1, 2013     date Published: July 30, 2013


Concentrations of oxirane and naphthalene were determined using GC/Mass spectrometer (model- QP201 Plus Shimadzu), in effluent samples from four selected petroleum based industries in Kaduna metropolis, Nigeria, coded as KP, TL, OL(I) and OL(II). Oxirane was detected in the morning, afternoon and evening samples of OL(II), morning and afternoon samples of KP and afternoon samples of TL. While naphthalene was detected in afternoon samples of OL(I) and evening samples of KP. The average daily concentrations of oxirane and naphthalene were: oxirane {KP(12.1 ppm);TL(15.05 ppm); and OLII (11.25 ppm)} and naphthalene {OLI (0.47 ppm); KP (0.51 ppm)}. The results were compared with EPA standard limits. Naphthalene concentrations were within the acceptable limits while oxirane concentrations were higher than the limits.

Key words: Effluents, concentration, petroleum, environment, oxirane, naphthalene.