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Vol.2 (11), pp. 179-183, December 2014
ISSN: 2354-4147

Effect of NPK and Minjingu mazao fertilizers on the performance of Sweetpepper in Morogoro, Tanzania
Article Number: DRJA17086812

Original Research Article

Alex Audax Rwiza and Eliakira Kisetu*

Department of Soil Science,Faculty of Agriculture, Sokoine University of Agriculture, P.O. Box 3008, Chuo-Kikuu, Morogoro. Tanzania.

date Received: September 9, 2014     date Accepted: October 9, 2014     date Published: December 30, 2014


This study assessed the effect of NPK (23:10:5) and Minjingu mazao (10:20:15) fertilizers on the performance of sweetpepper (Capsicum annuum L.) cv. California Wonder. The plant growth parameters collected were: plant height, number of leaves per plant, stem girth, and number of branches per plant. The parameters related to yield were fruit grade, fruit shape index (FSI), number of fruits per plant, weight of fruits per plant, and fruit yield. The NPK fertilizer resulted into significantly (P=0.03) highest average fruit yield (25 t ha-1). Minjingu mazao fertilizer recorded fruit yield (15.6 t ha-1) which was also significantly higher (P= 0.03) than the corresponding control. Fruit yields increase due to NPK fertilizer as opposed to the control and Minjingu mazao fertilizer were 166% and 66%, respectively. This was the same as 66% increase in fruit yield when Minjingu mazao fertilizer was used compared with the control. The Pearson matrix correlation indicated that the fruits length, fruits grade, weight of individual fruits and fruit yield had the strongest relationship (r ≥ 0.90***; P<0.001).

Key words: Growth and yield parameters, sweetpepper cv. California Wonder.