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Direct Research Journals
Vol.1 (3), pp.28-33, December 2013
ISSN: 2449-0814

The holistic caring for orphaned and vulnerable children in neighbourhood care points in Hhohho region, Swaziland
Article Number: DRJA17088342

Original Research Article

Jameson Sipho Siphepho

University of Swaziland, Faculty of Health Science,P.O. Box 369,Mbabane, H100,Swaziland.

date Received: November 11, 2013     date Accepted: November 22, 2013     date Published: December 30, 2013


The purpose of the study was to explore and describe the nature of caring for orphaned and vulnerable children in the Neighbourhood Care Points (NCPs) in the Hhohho region, Swaziland. The specific objectives were to identify if the nutritional requirements of the developing child are met; determine if body building, hygiene practices as well as cognitive related activities are done; reveal if there are activities that promotes intrapersonal and interpersonal skills among orphaned and vulnerable children; identify care takers knowledge on the importance of interpersonal and intrapersonal skills in Orphaned and Vulnerable Children. The Neighbourhood care points (NCPs) were established to provide holistic caring for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children in the form of food, day-time shelter, Children’s protection from unfavourable social and physical environments thus creating a sense of security, belongingness and stability in their lives.

Key words: Orphaned and vulnerable, children, holistic, caring.