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Direct Research Journals
Vol.3 (4), pp. 70-73, April, 2015
ISSN: 2354-4147

Prevalence of gastro-intestinal parasite in Donkeys in and around Maiduguri metropolis, Borno state, Nigeria
Article Number: DRJA17085726

Original Research Article

*Sugun, M. Y1, Bresibe, F,2,3, Mailafiya, S2, Muhammad, M1, Suleiman, I1, Abechi, A. S1

1Bacteriology Department, National Veterinary Research Institute, Vom, Plateau State, Nigeria.
2Departments of Veterinary Public Health and Preventive Medicine, University of Maiduguri, Nigeria.
3Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Department of Veterinary Microbiology. University of Abuja, Nigeria.

date Received: February 24, 2015     date Accepted: March 31, 2015     date Published: April 30, 2015


One hundred and one fecal samples from donkeys in different locations within and around Maiduguri metropolis (Cattle market, Zoo and Dalori farm) were examined in order to ascertain the prevalence of gastrointestinal helminthes. Forty one (48.8%) of these infections were mixed, with the contribution of strongyles and strongyloides being highest (35.79%) and least was dictyocaulus and strongyles (1.2%). A total of 8 (11.4%) of the 70 infections in donkeys from cattle   market   were   heavy   (3+ and 4+),   2 (8%)   and 7(21.2%) from the Zoo and Dalori respectively were also heavy. Donkeys examined from the cattle market had the highest frequency of gastrointestinal parasite infections 50(86.2%). And least frequency of infection was observed from the Zoo 16 (72.1%).

Key words: Gastrointestinal Parasites, Donkey, Maiduguri, Nigeria