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Vol.3 (2), pp. 38-44, June 2015
ISSN: 2449-0814

Environmental risk factors of diarrhea in the coastal communities of Manado city
Article Number: DRJA17085493

Original Research Article

*Oksfriani Jufri Sumampouw1,4, Soemarno1,2, Sri Andarini1,3 and Endang Sriwahyuni3

1Environmental Study Program, Postgraduate Program, University of Brawijaya, 65145, Indonesia.
2Faculty of Agriculture, University of Brawijaya Malang, 65145, Indonesia.
3Faculty of Medicine, University of Brawijaya Malang, 65145, Indonesia.
4Faculty of Public Health, University of Sam Ratulangi, 95115, Indonesia.

date Received: April 7, 2015     date Accepted: May 19, 2015     date Published: June 30, 2015


Diarrhea is a major cause of morbidity and mortality in the world. Diarrhea killed about 1.8 million children under five in developing countries. Each year diarrheal disease in infants in developing countries as much as 2 billion cases with an average incidence rate of 3.2 cases every child. One of the risk factor of diarrhea is environmental factor. The purpose of this study is to analyze the occurrence of diarrhea is based on indicators of environmental health in coastal communities of Manado city. A cross sectional questionnaire survey was carried out on 247 families of the Manado city. Forty families were have diarrhea and 207 families weren’t have diarrhea included in the study. All the subjects were asked about diarrhea they had experienced in the six previous months. A questionnaire as the instrument and data obtained were tested using the chi squared test with SPSS 18.0 software. The findings of present study showed there was a significant correlation of source of drinking water (r= 0.351, p<0.05), existence of latrine (r= 0,007, p> 0,05) and type of latrine (r=0.258, p<0.05) with diarrhea. However, there was a statistically significant positive correlation found between source of drinking water and type of latrine with diarrhea (p<0.05). There was not statistically significant correlation found between existence of latrine with diarrhea (p>0.05. Diarrhea occurred at a low rate within this city. This study identified that source of drinking and type of latrine correlated with the diarrhea among families in Manado city.

Key words: Water source, latrine, diarrhea, coastal community