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Civic awareness and the prospects of the East African Federation on the people of Uganda
Article Number: DRJA17085395

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1Maurice Bakaluba Tamale and John Paul Kasujja2*

1College of Education and External studies, Makerere University, Uganda.
2School of Education, Humanities and Sciences, Nkumba University, Uganda.

date Received: January 2, 2015     date Accepted: January 29, 2015     date Published: February 28, 2015


The thrust of the study is hinged on the investigation of civic awareness on the prospects of East African Federation in relation to the people of Uganda. The study used a cross-sectional survey design. The study used 385 respondents, selected using random and purposive sampling techniques who included; Cultural leaders, social workers, businessmen, Members of Parliament, and cabinet ministers, leaders of political parties and rural people like the Local council Chairmen / chair persons of border areas, and distinguished citizens in the study selected areas which included, Masaka, Katuna, Nimule, Kampala, Malaba and Mutukula. The study gathered information using questionnaires and interview guides and discovered that, the idea of the East Africa Federation, its prospects, and benefits to Ugandan people was misunderstood and misconceptualised due to lack of proper access of information towards the project. The study recommends the need by the Governments of the East African States to design sensitisation programmes that would enable all people to access information about the East African Federation in Uganda. Such programmes could pass-on information to all masses through different radio stations, televisions, newspapers, drama and other mechanisms in all ethnic languages for the Ugandan masses to clearly conceptualize the East African Federation.

Key Words: Awareness, Federation, Uganda, and East Africa