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Direct Research Journal of Social Science and Educational Studies: Vol.5 (3), pp. 16-22, September 2018
ISSN 2449-0806

The Roles of Private Port Operators on Economic Development in Nigeria (Case Study of Apapa Bulk Terminal Ltd)
Article Number: DRJA3136095027

Original Research Article

Irinyemi Ademola Benson and Olorunfemi Damilola Adekemi

Department of Transport and Tourism Studies, Redeemer’s University, Ede Osun State, Nigeria.

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date Received: June 11, 2018     date Accepted: July 7, 2018     date Published: September 24, 2018


The study focuses on the impact of private port operators on economic development in Nigeria. It emphasises that economic development can be enhanced by putting in place policies that will ensure the country’s port is operated efficiently and effectively. The study is based on survey research design, which involves the distribution of seventy (70) questionnaires to workers in the Apapa Bulk Terminal Ltd. The data from the questionnaire were then analysed using non-parametric test (i.e. Chi-square statistical tool) and the result of the analysis shows that there is significant relationship between the activities of private port operators (Apapa Bulk Terminal Ltd) and improved process of cargo handling and transhipment of goods over international waters, this is because the calculated Chi-square value (X2C) of 41.771 was greater than the tabulated Chi-square value (X2T) of 7.815 at 0.05 level of significance. Based on this finding, the study concludes that port operators need to continually develop strategies that will enhance improvement of Cargo handling and transhipment of goods over international water, since this also has influence on the economic development of the country.

Keywords: Economic development, Cargo handling, Port Operator, Maritime, Shipping      policies