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Direct Research Journal of Education and Vocational Studies:Vol.1 (1),Pp.1-7, January 2019
ISSN 4372-2602

Creativity and Innovation in Hexa-Piece Furniture Design for Effective Room-Space Management
Article Number: DRJA961425011

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Ini Asuquo Utuk and Aniedi Daniel Usoro*

Department of Vocational Education, Faculty of Education, University of Uyo, Uyo State, Nigeria.

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date Received: November 3, 2018     date Accepted: December 10, 2018     date Published: December 2, 2019


The current global economic challenges necessitated creativity and innovation in hexa-piece furniture design, as opposed to traditional actions, for effective room-space management. Achi (Brachystegia nigerica), a tropical hardwood readily available in the market as “Achi”, was used to construct the hexa-piece wooden furniture which comprised units A and B linked by means of a pivot to enhance convertibility into tripartite positions, with dual functions in each position. Unit A is a stand with four tapered legs fixed to the minor seat while Unit B is a wide board rounded at one end with elliptical curve at the other end. The design of the hexa-piece furniture entailed measurement, marking, setting out, sawing, planing, assembling, sanding, filling and spraying the wooden piece to the desired shade. The design makes for maximum utilization of wood and the attendant cost savings. By performing six functions in one, the hexa-piece furniture helps to solve the problem of over-crowding a room facility with much furniture. The hexa-piece furniture can function as a convertible chair, storage box, self-standing ladder, lamp stand, ironing board and writing table. The hexa-piece furniture is recommended for bachelors, spinsters and as an instructional material for teaching life skills in woodwork, for job creation and for foreign exchange earnings.

Keywords:   Creativity, innovation, design, hexa-piece furniture, room-space management