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Direct Research Journal of Social Science and Educational Studies:Vol.5 (5), pp. 75-84, December 2018
ISSN 2449-0806

Roles of Students in Academic Performance in Agricultural Science in Secondary Schools in Emohua Local Government Area of Rivers State, Nigeria
Article Number: DRJA690351250

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Ojimba, ThankGod Peter*, Nwafor, Samuel Aleru, Chigekwu, Nnamdi and Onyekwere, Augustine

Department of Agriculture, Faculty of Vocational and Technical Education, Ignatius Ajuru University of Education, Ndele Campus, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

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date Received: November 12, 2018     date Accepted: December 18, 2018     date Published: December 20, 2018


This study focused on the roles of students in academic performance in agricultural science in secondary schools in Emohua Local Government Area (LGA) of Rivers State, Nigeria. Multi-stage sampling techniques were used to sample 300 student respondents through personal `interviews and structured questionnaires. Data were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics such as t-test, likert scale rating and one-way ANOVA. The results showed that student unfriendliness with their teachers led to their poor performance in agricultural science. The study also found out that the best teaching method for practical agriculture was demonstration method (40%) which was confirmed by the t-test result at 5% significance level. The results of the one-way ANOVA on teaching methods used in agricultural science was significant at 1% level, meaning each teaching method used was important depending on where it was used, either in classroom or school farm. The study further found out that excellent performance in agricultural science could be achieved through students personal efforts and level of intelligence (3.84) using four point likert scale. Other results on students’ role such as students’ attitude towards the subject (3.48), personality and interest of the students (2.83) and perception of their teachers (2.70), significantly affected students’ performances in agricultural science. Therefore, the roles of students influenced their academic performance in agricultural science which led to their individual performance ranging from excellence to below average in secondary schools in Emohua LGA of Rivers State, Nigeria.

Keywords: Students roles, academic performance, ANOVA, t-test, Likert scale analysis, agricultural science, secondary schools, Emohua LGA, Rivers State Nigeria