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Vol.8 (9), pp. 303-307, September 2020

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Effect of Substituting Maize with Wheat Offal as an Energy Source in Broiler Starter Diet for Growth and Organs Yield

Yusuf, A. A.


An experiment was conducted to assess the effect of substituting maize with wheat offal in broiler starter diets for growth performance and organ yield. Four (4) experimental diets were formulated using treatment one (T1) with whole maize as an energy source. While treatment two (T2), treatment three (T3), and treatment four (T4) contained 5%, 10%, and 15%, wheat offal as a substitute to maize respectively. The diets were made isocaloric and isonitrogenous. Sixty (60) day old Broiler Chicks were used in this study. The study covered the duration of four (4) weeks. Three (3) replicates of five birds were allocated to each treatment. Feed was measured every morning and given to the chicks, subsequent morning the leftover was measured and for daily feed intake. Initial, weekly, and final body weight was determined. The feed conversion ratio was determined by dividing fee intake with weight gain. Chicks were randomly picked from every replicates and slaughtered for organ yield analysis at the end of the study. Data obtained were subjected to ANOVA, using SAS Institute 9.6 version. Statistical analysis was made and means values were compared using Duncan multiple range test at P<0.05. The results indicated that treatments had a significant effect (P > 0.05) in growth and organ yield. Birds fed T4 produces the heaviest birds (900g) with an appreciably amount of feed (1908g) and the least amount of feed efficiency (2.10g). Also, T4 superiorly produces the heaviest organs (gizzard 43.00g, kidney 1.45g, spleen 1.50g, liver 24.00g, and lungs 9.00g).  However, wheat offal can substitute maize up to 15% in broiler chicks diet for better growth performance and organ yield. Therefore, farmers and poultry feed producers can utilize the quality of wheat offal as an energy substitute to maize in broiler diets for satisfactory growth performance and organ yield.

Keywords: Broiler, growth, organ, maize, wheat offal


 Received: July 15, 2020  Accepted: August 20, 2020  Published: September 30, 2020


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