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Vol.7 (9), pp. 275-278, September 2019

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Response of broiler finisher birds to varying regimes of feeding

Obih, T. K. O.*

Anyanwu U. H.


In a study to determine the response of finisher broiler birds to varying regimes of feeding, 240 twenty-eight days old unsexed Hubbard broilers were subjected to different regimes of feeding where the control (T1) was fed ad-libitum, T2 was fed 9% of body weight once daily, T3 was on 9% of body weight, split and fed twice daily and T4 was fed 9% of body weight, split into three and fed three times daily in a completely randomized design for 28 days. Each treatment was replicated three times with 60 birds in each treatment and 20 birds per replicate. Growth indices of final weight, change in weight, average weight gain, average feed intake, feed conversion ratio (FCR), feed cost per kg, feed cost/kg gain and mortality were determined. Significantly higher (p<0.05) change in weight was observed for T1 birds which consumed significantly higher (p<0.05) more feed than the other treatments. T2 produced the cheapest (p<0.05) meat per kg feed as well as the best FCR which was however statistically similar (p>0.05) other treatments. Results showed that feed restriction did not impact negatively on the health of the birds as there was no mortality. T2 birds utilized their feed better than other treatments had a superior feed cost per kg gain and consumed less feed in comparison with the control.

Keywords: Finisher broiler birds, feeding regimes, growth indices


 Received: September 15, 2019  Accepted: September 24, 2019  Published: September 30, 2019

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