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Vol. 8, Pp. 59-65, 2021

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Perceived effects of attitude, methodology and resources towards computer programming knowledge acquisition

Ismail Olaniyi Muraina*

Imran Ademola Adeleke


Student attitudes toward computer programming continue to be a source of contention, whether positive or negative. This sparked a series of debates among researchers; some agreed that students’ attitudes toward programming are negative, while others believed they are positive. The paper examines the major obstacles that contribute to students’ poor performance in computer programming. The target population sample was created using a simple random technique by computer science students at the degree level. Students’ attitudes, teachers’ methodologies, and managements’ resource provision were all used to collect data. The findings of this study indicated that the provisions made for the course and the methods used by the teacher to teach the languages influenced students’ attitudes toward programming. It was recommended that teachers employ multimodal approaches (the use of multiple strategies) when instructing students in computer programming languages, while also providing adequate resources for effective knowledge acquisition.

Keywords: Students’ attitudes, computer programming, methodology, resources

 Received: August 2, 2021  Accepted: September 23, 2021  Published: September 28, 2021

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