Published Articles:

Prediction and optimization of vapor-liquid equilibrium (VLE) data for equimolar ethanol/water mixture using adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system

DOI:    |    Article Number: DRJEIT11164535

*Babayemi, A. K.

Eluno, E. E.

Prioritization of rural access for economic development in Zamfara state

DOI:    |    Article Number: DRJEIT2718235673

*Umar Ahmad Masari

A. D. Salisu

A. Garba

Sani Magaji

Evaluation of groundwater quality in hand-dug wells (HDW) from Kofar Marusa area, in Katsina state Nigeria

DOI:    |    Article Number: DRJEIT2896008258

Umar A. Masar*

Ismail Isah

A. D. Salisu

Effect of Construction of a Transistor Amplifier on Students’ Learning Retention in Electronics Works in Technical Colleges in Rivers State, Nigeria

DOI:    |    Article Number: DRJEIT680911754763

*Reagan Nnabio Robinson

Prince Naatura Akue

An In-depth Review of Techniques for Smart Energy Meter Monitoring System

DOI:    |    Article Number: DRJEIT14202650

*Bara’u M. Alhassan

Aliyu Tukur

Musa Isah

Nafi’u M. Rumah

Physical Characteristics and Electrical Resistivity of Electric Cables Sold in Delta State. A case Study of Isoko Metropolis

DOI:    |    Article Number: DRJEIT6621898634

*Uguru, H. E.

Obukoeroro John

A Survey of Residential and Mini-industrial Wiring Systems in Nigeria: A Case Study of Bayelsa State, Southern Nigeria

DOI:    |    Article Number: DRJEIT14202650

*Uguru, H. E.

Obukoeroro John

The Effect of Wind on Foliage GSM/LTE Propagation Channel

DOI:    |    Article Number: DRJEIT2457838291081

*Sufiyanu Nuhu

Iro Hamisu

Muhammed Abdullahi

Assessment of the Application of Electronic Systems in the Management of Patient Records in Abuth, Zaria

DOI:    |    Article Number: DRJEIT159832637

Esievo, Lovet Ovigue

*Abdulsalami, Lucky Tijani

Non-patronage of Library Information Resources and Services by Students of Federal Universities Library

DOI:    |    Article Number: DRJEIT1086378726

*Abdulsalami, T. L.

Efosa, E.

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