Published Articles:

Hydrocarbons Distribution of Total Petroleum in the Surface Water of Kolo Creek, Ogbia Axis, Bayelsa State Nigeria

DOI:    |    Article Number: DRJPHET52287424916

Amolo, I. R.

Edori, O. S.

Eremasi, Y. B.

Chiejine, U. E.

Dietary Variability and Risk of Getting Cancer among Populations in Ilala District, Tanzania

DOI:    |    Article Number: DRJPHET261975380

Restituta Ernest Olomi

Water Pollution Control using Water Hyacinth Treated with Sodium Azide Mutagen: A Viable Tool for Phytoremediation

DOI:    |    Article Number: DRJPHET7621097354

Jim Jonathan Eze*

Umar, I.D.

Solomon, R. J.

The State of Primary Health Care Services Delivery in Iganga District, Eastern Uganda

DOI:    |    Article Number: DRJPHET23919670

Kayemba Jonah Fred

Muwaga Musa

Predictors of Drug use in a Student Population: Risk Perception and Experienced Effect of Drug use in Nigeria

DOI:    |    Article Number: DRJPHET79295016

Moses T. Imbur*

David O. Iloma

Mary Ibok, Chizoba Iloma

Clement O. Obadimu

Environmental Risk Analysis of Aged Soil in an Environment Impacted by Nigerian Crude Oil

DOI:    |    Article Number: DRJPHET11670096

F. Omoruwou*

K.O. Obahiagbon

N.A. Amenaghawon

M.O. Daramola

Bio-Medical Waste Management: Strengthening the Needs and Significance in Healthcare Facilities in Katsina State

DOI:    |    Article Number: DRJPHET16226890

Sagir Haruna*

Bello Abubakar

Amina Salihu Abubakar

Knowledge, Perception and Practice of Nurses towards Prevention of COVID-19 Transmission

DOI:    |    Article Number: DRJPHET7143287350

Abubakar, B.

Haruna, S.

Salihu, A.

Assessment of the Effects of COVID-19 on International Trade

DOI:    |    Article Number: DRJPHET10034981

Omole, Oluwaseun Remilekun

Attention-Based End-to-End Hybrid Ensemble Model for Breast Cancer Multi-Classification

DOI:    |    Article Number: DRJPHET11672419

Chiagoziem C. Ukwuoma

Dongsheng Cai*

Elvis Selasi Gati

Victor K. Agbesi

GutemaMisgana Deribachew

Leta Yobsan Bayisa

Turi Abu

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