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Vol. 7 (6), pp. 129-136, July 2020

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Food Security as a Necessity for Human Development

Abubakar Yerima

Abdullahi Mele Katuzu*


Food security and human development are two sides of the same coin, the two ways relationship starts with the availability of access to and proper use of food.  The reciprocal relationship between security and human development is based on two established ways of thinking about human development. This paper discusses food security and its impacts on national development, how the concept of food security emerged in the 20th century as post-world wars reconstruction efforts after the two world wars, how third world countries were exploited by the industrialized countries before and after the wars. Laying emphasis from the dimensions of food security which includes availability, stability, accessibility, uses, government policies, and role of successive government and international organizations like World food summit and United Nations development program (UNDP) that have been organized overtime to ensure food security and national development. The challenges that hamper food security like violence and conflicts, weak infrastructure, global water crises, land degradation, climate change are affecting food production and security thereby affecting national development.

Keywords:  Food security, world wars, government, international organizations

 Received: June 5, 2020  Accepted: July 22, 2020  Published: July 30, 2020

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