DRJSSES encompasses all areas of Social Sciences  and Education such as American Studies, Linguistics, Anthropology, Applied Linguistics, Creative Practices, Creative Technologies, Media Studies, Creative Writing, Music, Demography, Design Media, Pacific Studies, Economics, Philosophy, Education Studies, Political Science, Population Studies, English Studies, Public Policy, Psychology, Environmental Planning, Religious Studies, Ethics, Screen & Media Studies, Geography, Social Science Research, Social Work, Health Development & Policy, Sociology, Human Development, Accounting I (Audit/Financial/Tax/ AIS),Accounting II (Cost/Managerial), Advertisement and Sales Management, Banking, Business and Managerial Finance, Business Ethic, Business Law, Business Research Methods, Change Management, Consumer Behaviour, Corporate Social Responsibility, E-Business, Econometrics, Economics I (Macro/ Micro theory), Economics II (Applied and Empirical Research), Entrepreneurship ,Finance I (Financial Market, Derivatives, Investments), Finance II (Financial Institutions, Corporate Finance), Human Resource Management, Information Technology, Innovative Teaching I (Curriculum Design, Electronic Resources), International and Global Business/Economics, International Business, Islamic Banking, Knowledge Management, Leadership, Logistics and Transportation, Managing Online Businesses, Marketing Communications, Marketing/ e-Marketing, Online Marketing, Organizational Behavior and Theory, Performance Management, Personal Selling and Public Relations, Portfolio Management, Production and Operations Management, Project Management, Public Administration, Public Policy in Business / Business Strategy, Quantitative Methods and Management Science, Recent Trends in Business & Management, Service Marketing, Stock Exchange Strategic Management, Supply Chain Management and Quality control, Total Quality Management, Trade and Investment.

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