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Vol. 7(2), Pp. 30-35, October 2022

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Chemical and Mineral Composition of Sheep and Goats Fore-Stomach-Digesta (FSD) Ensiled with Urea and Rice Milling Waste (RMW)

Kwaido, A.A.*

Garba, S.


FSD from sheep and goats was collected at a slaughterhouse in Sokoto. For the collection, at least 5-10 animals from each species were brought to the abattoir for slaughter. Each animal received at least 0.5kg of fresh FSD after slaughter and evisceration. Representative samples were collected after the samples had been thoroughly mixed. In this experiment, a factorial design in CRD was used, with three replications of fore-stomach digesta (FSD) from sheep and goats. For three weeks, the samples were thoroughly mixed and ensiled.  The proximate composition of sheep (FSD) ensiled with urea and graded levels of Rice Milling Waste (RMW) shows that DM was significantly different between treatment means, with treatment D (90.08%) having significantly higher (P<0.05) value compared to the rest of the treatments but similar to C (89.63%). The CP content was significantly higher (P<0.05) in treatment D (19.73%) but significantly the same with treatment A (19.47%) which is also significantly similar (P<0.05) to treatment C (19.33%). Treatment B (18.76%) which has the lowest value was significantly different (P<0.05) to all other treatments. the DM and ASH contents for Goats (FSD) ensiled with urea and graded levels of (RMW) were significantly higher (P<0.05) in treatments D 90.18% and 13.27% respectively. Generally, in this study Dry Matter (DM) values of FSD from sheep and goats were higher in the treatments where FSD, Urea and RMW were not ensiled (treatment D) compared to those that were ensiled (treatments A, B and C). The FSD of sheep produced higher CP values as compared to those obtained from camel FSD and cattle FSD when ensiled with urea and RMW. This study concludes that Dry matter, Crude protein and Crude fibre contents of (FSD) by adding Urea and (RMW) could be improved.

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Keywords: Ruminants; Fore-Stomach digesta; factorial design; mineral composition

 Received: September 2, 2022  Accepted: October 19, 2022  Published: October 26, 2022

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