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Non-Surgical Artificial Insemination in Sudanese Breed of Ewe as a circumventing Procedure in Infertility due to Incomplete Copulation

Adamu Umaru*

Aliyu Jibril


In the genetic improvement of sheep production, artificial insemination is a critical reproductive technology. The inability of Sudanese sheep ewes to complete copulation during natural mating due to their broad, heavy tail is a basic infertility issue. As a result, no surgical artificial insemination using freshly collected sperm from a Sudanese ram was performed. The ram’s sperm was collected while it was standing using the eclectro-ejaculation method. The semen sample was immediately analyzed for gross motility before being non-surgically (transcervical) implanted into two estrus synchronized ewes. The ewes were properly restrained on standing position and a sterile vagina speculum was introduced into their vagina, and the external os of the cervix was gradually drawn out through the vulval opening with Allis tissue forceps. A bovine teat dilator was used to manipulate the cervical canal before inserting a loaded fresh semen sample in a modified syringe and depositing the semen in the uterus. The ewes were scanned with two multi Iscans after insemination and both were found to be closed (pregnant). The two ewes were closely monitored throughout, and one of them successfully lambed at the end of gestation.


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Keywords: Artificial, Breed, Insemination, Sudanese, Transcervical

 Received: October 2, 2022  Accepted: November 4, 2022  Published: November 10, 2022

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