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Vol.7 (1), pp. 6-11 January 2020

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Analysis of factors affecting technical efficiency of cassava producers in Delta State, Nigeria

Edet-George Onome

Enimu Solomon*


This study analyzed factors affecting technical efficiency among cassava producers in Delta State Nigeria. The stratified random sampling technique was used in selecting 350 producers adopting the proportionate sampling method. The study data were collected by questionnaires and personal interview schedules. Statistical tools such as simple descriptive statistics (table, frequency, percentage and mean) and a stochastic production frontier based on the Cobb-Douglas production function were used to examine the data. The results indicate that the mean age of cassava producers was 38 years with mean years of schooling at 10. The mean farming experience was 12 years and mean household size of 8 persons. The empirical result also revealed that the most critical production factors were land, labour, planting material, and capital while age, level of education, household size, farm experience, and credit are the major determinants of technical efficiency in the study area. The mean efficiency of 0.52 indicates that cassava output can still be increased with available innovative technologies. Based on the findings it was therefore recommended that those variables that affect production efficiency positively should be studied and developed for optimum output towards sustainable agricultural and rural development.

Keywords: Analysis, technical efficiency, cassava and producers

 Received: November 30, 2019  Accepted: December 12, 2019  Published: January 30, 2020

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