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Vol.5 (3), pp. 165-173, March 2017

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Analysis of the effects of millennium development goals (MDGS) projects on poverty reduction among rural dwellers in Owerri agricultural zone, Imo State-Nigeria

*Anaeto, F.C.

Achuko, G.U.

Chukwu, O.

Asiabaka, C.C.


This study focused on the effects of MDGs  projects on poverty reduction among rural dwellers in Owerri agricultural zone. Data were collected using structured questionnaire administered to 108 respondents who were randomly selected using the multi-stage random sampling techniques. Data were analysed using appropriate statistical tools such as frequency distribution, percentages, means, and mean scores based on the objectives of the study. Z-test was used to establish the hypothesized relationship. The results revealed among others that the rural dwellers were not very much aware of the MDGs  projects, bore-hole and free education were very effective projects in reducing poverty among the respondents, while conditional cash transfer, supply of health facilities and construction of civic centers were not effective in reducing poverty among the respondents. Factors such as government policies, attitude of the leaders and ignorance affected the level of effectiveness of the MDGs projects. The z-test revealed that there was no significant difference between the existence of MDGs projects in Imo State and poverty reduction level of both male and female rural dwellers. Thus the study concluded that much still needs to be done in using programmes such as MDGs in reducing poverty since the study shows that MDGs was just effective . The study thus recommends among others that there is need to sustain the effects of the MDGs projects on rural dwellers and ensure that the benefits are evenly distributed to all the rural dwellers and government.

Key words: Rural Dwellers, Millennium development Goals (MDGs) Projects, poverty reduction, Owerri Imo State

 Received: November 1, 2016  Accepted: November 29, 2016  Published: March 1, 2017

Anaeto Et Al1

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