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Vol. 7 (12), Pp. 392-398, December 2019

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Consumers’ Perception of Red Meat among Urban Household in Ibadan North Local Government Area of Oyo State

*Eniola, O.

Abegunrin, O. O.

Shaib-Rahim, H. O.

Adeoye, A. S.

Babatunde, R. O.

Aduloju, A. R.

Oyewumi, R. V.


This study examines the consumer’s perception on red meat among urban households in Ibadan North Local Government area of Oyo State, Nigeria. Multistage sampling was used to select a total number of one hundred and ten (110) respondents. Data were analyzed using both descriptive and inferential statistics such as PPMC and Chi-square analysis. Data were selected through the use of a well-structured questionnaire, descriptive statistics tools such as frequency distribution table and percentage were used while chi-square and PPMC were used to analyze the hypothesis. The result of the socio-economic analysis shows that the majority of the respondents were married and there is no significant relationship between the marital status, education, religion, household, primary occupation, and secondary occupation per year of experience at S=(P<0.05), also the result shows that there is no significant relationship between religion, household and secondary occupation per year of experience at S=(P<0.05) while marital status, sex, education, and primary occupation were S=(P<0.05), also relationship between perception and knowledge shows that majority of the respondents choose the appropriate meat-type based on the availability and affordability. From the study, it can be recommended that there should be more awareness from the food nutritionist on the importance of good nutrition and balanced ration also government should make more peoples friendly policy that makes the meat more affordable to the consumer and this will improve their standard of living in the study area.

Keywords: Consumers perception, red meat, urban, households, food

 Received: November 3, 2019  Accepted: December 20, 2019  Published: December 30, 2019

Eniola Et Al

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