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Vol.7 (2), pp. 16-22, February 2019

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Cost Efficiency of Maize-Based Cropping Systems among Rain Fed Farmers in Adamawa State, Nigeria

*Joseph, M.

Danwanka, H. A.

2Stephen, J.


The study analyzed cost efficiency among maize-based farmers in Adamawa State, Nigeria. A multi-stage random sampling technique was adopted to select a sample size of 310 respondents in 16 villages from 8 sampled Local Government Areas of the State. Data were collected through structured questionnaires and analyzed using descriptive statistics, stochastic production frontier model. The results revealed that majority (68.08%) of the respondents were male with mean age of 47 years. The mean household size was 8 with varying levels of formal education. Maize intercropped with other crops was the dominant (76.13%) cropping system accounting for 64.89% of the total area cultivated. The maximum likelihood estimate of the stochastic cost function revealed that the explanatory variables; age, education, extension contact and crop diversification were significantly and positively related to cost efficiency in the study area. The cost efficiency index ranged from 0.43-0.94 with a mean of 0.80.

Keywords: Cost efficiency, Maize-based, Cropping systems

 Received: January 3, 2019  Accepted: January 22, 2019  Published: February 20, 2019

Joseph Et Al

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