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Vol.4 (5), pp. 81-86, May 2016

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Depth Distribution of Available Micronutrients under Different Land-use Systems

*Hassan, A. M.

Murabbi, A.

Victor, A. O.


A survey technique guided field sampling was carried out in land-use options at Abocho Dekina, Kogi State, Nigeria. Three land-use system: Forested, cultivated and fallow areas were located as the study site. At each site a profile pit was dug and soil samples were collected from genetic horizons for laboratory analyses. The obtained results indicated that the soil pH was extremely“slightly acid (4.28-6.99), organic carbon ranged from low to high especially in cultivated land-use systems while the cation exchange capacity was low to medium (2.4-7.2 cmol(+)kg-1). The current status of copper, zinc, iron and manganese varied from 0.34 to 0.61, 0.30 to 0.44, 17.58 to 33.91 and 23.95 to 44.45 mgkg-1, respectively. Similarly, the Zn level in all the land-use options was rated low while Cu, Fe, and Mn contents were rated medium to high. The simple linear correlation showed strong positive significant relation between Zn and OC; Fe and clay content whereas negative significant correlation was exhibited in Zn, Cu and clay; Mn and sand fraction. The crops will benefit from supplementary application of these micronutrients for maximum productivity. Fe and Mn values were œhigh and above the critical limits for arable crop production in all the horizons across the land-use system. The soils will not require supplementary application of Fe and Mn.

Key words: Abocho, land-use, Micronutrients,soil fertility.


Manuscript reviewed by:

1. Prof. Dr. Sami R. AL-Zubaydi,University of Duhok
Area of specialization:Plant Physiology
Area of specialization:SOIL FERTILITY
3. Dr. Achalu Chimdi, Achalu chimdi POBox 395, Wollega University, Nekemte, Ethiopia
Area of specialization:Soil Scientist ( Soil Chemistry)



 Received: April 12, 2016  Accepted: April 21, 2016  Published: May 2, 2016


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