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Vol.8 (1), pp. 1-5 January 2020

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Determinants of consumer’s preference for imported rice over locally processed in Sokoto and Kebbi States, Nigeria

*Gindi A. A.

Yahaya K.

Kaita R. A.


The study was carried out in two States of North-Western Nigeria, Kebbi and Sokoto States covering the largest markets in the state capitals of the two states. The market’s selection was purposive, based on high patronage of locally processed and imported rice in the markets. The confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) model was designed to test the multidimensionality of the theoretical constructs. Specifically, we test the hypothesis that rice quality is multidimensional which composed of three factors; Experience attributes (EXP), Search attributes (SEAR) and Credence attributes (CRE). From the result of the study, an examination of regression weight reveals that almost all estimates to be both reasonable and statistically significant; and all standard errors appear also to be in good order. The results of the study revealed new quality scales have three dimensions and some of the items have very little loading on the factor thy supposed to measure but all the items are intended to measure determinants or factors of consumers’ preference.

Keywords: Confirmatory factor, consumers, rice, experience, credence

 Received: November 30, 2019  Accepted: December 19, 2019  Published: January 30, 2020

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