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Vol.9, Pp. 311-317, 2021

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Determinants of technical inefficiency and constraints to small scale maize production in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja, Nigeria

*Girei, A. A.

Okeke, I. N.

Umar, H. S.

Uche, C. O.


The research deals with the challenges face in maize farming and factors that should practice to improve maize farming in Abuja. Determinants of technical inefficiency plays central role in farmers’ decisions making process. The study identified the determinants of technical inefficiency among maize farmers in Abuja, Nigeria. Multistage sampling technique was used for the selection of 154 respondents for the study. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, and stochastic frontier function. The results show that 81% of households are males and married. With 82% of the farmers aged above 40 and had average age of 49 years. Also 85.6% of the respondents were literate with at least primary education. Majority (71.7%) of the farmers’ household size was between 6 and 10 peoples with average of 9 persons and majority of them had farming experience of 20 years and above. Farm size significantly influenced their production at 1% level while agrochemicals influenced maize farming at 10% level. Farming experience was found to be significant at 1% probability level and household size was major determinants of technical inefficiency. The major constraints faced by the respondents include; pests and diseases, inadequate credit facility, soil infertility and high cost of inputs. Efforts should be made to increase farm size and improve the farmers’ skill through regular training on application of best farming practices. Credit facility should be provided to enhance maize production.

Keywords: Determinants, technical inefficiency, small scale, maize, farmers

 Received: April 20, 2020  Accepted: May 25, 2020  Published: September 13, 2021

Girei Et Al

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