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Vol.7 (10), pp. 286-294, October 2019

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Development of an indented cylinder metering device for a tractor drawn manure spreader

Agidi, G.

Gana, I. M.*

Usman, H.


The research work was carried out to develop an indented cylinder metering device for a tractor drawn manure spreader capable of transporting, metering and uniform spreading of the manure on the farm. Materials of right strength and sizes for the equipment parts were determined and selected based on the design analysis and calculations carried out. Hopper, manure metering system, floor wheels, energy transfer system, machine frame and gear system are the main components of the machinery. The test outcomes of the equipment using cow dung, the largest manure delivery efficiency of 82% was achieved from a velocity of 23 km/h using a metering cylinder with four grooves, whereas a small efficiency of 48% was achieved from a velocity of 8 km/h using a single groove metering cylinder. Also, highest manure delivery efficiency of 85% was obtained from manure with 8% moisture content (db) whereas low efficiency of 63% moisture content was obtained from manure with 20% moisture content (db). The efficiency of manure delivery improved with both tractor speed and amount of metering groove but reduced with enhanced humidity content of manure. The three parameters therefore have important impacts on the efficiency of manure delivery. It is anticipated that the development of this machinery will decrease human drudgery and enhance the productivity of the farmer.

Keyword: Efficiency, indented, metering, manure, spreading


 Received: September 12, 2019  Accepted: October 11, 2019  Published: October 30, 2019

Agidi Et Al

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