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Vol. 10(8) Pp. 185-204, August 2022

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Economic Effect of Improved Fish Production Technology on the Output of Fish Farmers in Otukpo Local Government Area of Benue State, Nigeria

Tavershima, T.*

Ugwuh, M. G.

Ameh, D. E.


The study examined the economic effect of improved fish production technology on the output of fish farmers in Otukpo Local Government Area of Benue State, Nigeria. Data were obtained from 100 fish farmers using multi-stage sampling procedure, and analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. The study revealed that the mean age, household size and fish farm experience were 43 years, 5 persons per household and 4 years respectively. Most used improved fish production systems had a mean of 30 persons. The multiple linear regression analysis result showed that quantity of lime used, quantity of fertilizer used, improved labour, number of improved fingerlings stocked and cooperative membership had a significant influence on the fish farmers’ output. The difference in the mean number of fingerlings stocked after improved technology is 6666 while the difference in the mean output of fish after improved technology is 28073. Gross margins for traditional and improved fish production were N106803.7 and N323919 respectively, while the profits from the traditional and improved fish production technology were N13083.7 and N115718 respectively. The profitability ratios for traditional and improved fish production technology gave a benefit-cost ratio of 1.10 (traditional) and 1.17 (improved), expense structure ratio of 1.30 (traditional) and 0.42 (improved), rate of return of 0.10 (traditional) and 0.17 (improved), gross ratio (GR) of 0.93 (traditional) and 0.86 (improved) and expense structure ratio (ESR) of 1.10 (traditional) and 1.17 (improved). The results indicate that improved fish production in the area is viable and profitable. The major constraint to fish farming in the area was disease outbreak. The study therefore recommends, sustained provision of extension services for improved fish farm practices, fish farmer membership of Fish Farmer Associations for accrued benefits, and Government provision of credit facilities at low interest rate, improved inputs at low costs in the area.

Keywords: Profitability, fish production, improved technology, fish output, Otukpo

 Received: July 5, 2022  Accepted: August 3, 2022  Published: August 16, 2022

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