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Vol. 9, Pp. 161-166, 2021

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Effect of citric acid and cinnamon stick on smoked chicken

Falmata  Grema Alkali*

Mamudu Halidu Badau*


This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of citrate and cinnamon stick on smoked chicken.   Four live broilers were obtained from Maiduguri Monday market. They were slaughtered and dressed. Each broiler meat weighing about 1.5 Kg were divided into four groups, namely A (Control), B (0.2% citric acid), C (3% cinnamon stick) and D (0.2% citric acid and 3% cinnamon stick). The samples were washed, soaked into various mixtures of cinnamon and citric acid separately for a period of 30 min; the samples were removed and drained for five minutes, smoked in a smoking kiln at a temperature range of 50-52 °C, for 7 hours a day for 48 hours. After processing, the smoked meat was cooled to room temperature, packed in a transparent polyethene bag, and chemically and organoleptically evaluated. The result showed an increase in pH and free fatty acid of ‘smoked chicken’ after processing and storage. The panelist rated the sample treated with 0.2% citric acid and 3% cinnamon stick higher in terms of colour, texture, taste, aroma, flavor, and overall acceptability.

Keywords: Broiler, smoking, citric acid, cinnamon stick

 Received: April 16, 2021  Accepted: May 17, 2021  Published: May 25, 2021

Falmata And Mamudu

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