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Vol.4 (5), pp. 104-115, May 2016

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Effect of Potassium Polyacrylamide Acrylate Polymer and Watering Regime on Seedling Growth of Mango (Mangifera indica) and Moringa (Moringa oleifera) in Minna, Nigeria

Tsado1*, E. K.

Osemeke1, F. E.

Daniya1, E.

Odofin2, A. J.


The research was carried out to determine the effect of potassium polyacrylamide acrylate polymer (PPAP) and watering regime on seedling growth of Mango (Mangifera indica) and Moringa (Moringa oleifera) plantation. This study was undertaken at the Fruit Progeny Garden Department of Crop Production, Federal University of Technology, Minna. Two factors were evaluated, namely; five levels of PPAP and watering regimes. The levels of PPAP were 0, 5, 10, 15, 20 g/plant and the four watering regimes were – field capacity (FC); (¾ FC); (1/2 FC) and (¼ FC). The experiment was laid out using a split-plot design with watering regimes of as main plot factor and PPAP levels as sub-plot factor with three replicates. The data collected were subjected to analysis of variance (ANOVA) using SAS and where significant difference among treatments was obtained, means were separated using Least Significant Different (LSD) and Duncan Multiple Range Test (DMRT).  The results revealed that the application of PPAP into the soil at 10-15 g significantly increased the growth of mango seedlings compared to untreated soil. The results also shows that PPAP application at 10 g by weight into the soil increased the plant seedling height, number of leaves and leaf area except when the concentration of PPAP was increased to 15 g that the stem girth of mango seedling tended to increase in size. Results also revealed that watering regime at ¼ FC was more effective in enhancing seedling growth than other treatments.  It was also observed that PPAP did not have a significant effect on moringa seedlings at all stages. While watering regime at field capacity (FC) showed significant response in moringa seedling at all stages.  It is recommended that 10 g / plant of potassium polyacrylamide acrylate polymer would adequately sustain growth of mango seedling at the early with a reduced irrigation frequency to survive water stress. Water at one (¼) is recommended for mango seedlings at early stage of production.

Key word: Moringa oleifera, Mangifera indica, Watering regime, Polyacrylamide acrylate polymer.

Manuscript Reviewed by:

1. Prof.Sami R. Al-Zubaydi
Professor of Plant Physiology at the Biology Department, Faculty of Science. Duhok University, IRAQ.
2. Mehmood Ali Noor (Phd)
Agronomy, Crop Physiology, Chinese Academy of Agri. Sciences, Beijing China.

 Received: April 19, 2016  Accepted: April 29, 2016  Published: May 2, 2016


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