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Vol.2 (9), pp.141-146, October 2014

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Evaluating the effect of agroforestry based soil and water conservation measures on selected soil properties at Tembaro district, SNNPR, Ethiopia

N. Masebo*

A. Abdellkadir

A. Mohammed


This study was aimed at evaluating the changes on bulk density, and soil moisture content. Three residence time Soil-water conservation (SWC) structures and control land use type: Agroforestry based SWC for 7 and 3-years residence, physical barriers of SWC for 3-years residence and non-SWC land use types with three replications from the sampling frame. Soil samples for bulk density, and moisture content determination were collected from upper, middle, and lower positions of the structures by using an ‘X’ design and then averaged for each experimental plot. The results showed that except for bulk density which was significant only in the 30-60cm depth layer in case of no-SWC land use types soil moisture content showed significant variations. However, there was no interaction effect between land use types and depths across all the parameters considered. Soil moisture content generally increased in the Agroforestry based soil and water values of bulk density. In contrast, no-SWC land use type showed the lowest value in moisture content but with highest bulk density value. The significant variations in soil moisture content among the treatments can be attributed to differences in soil carbon contents, and other soil attributes found within the Agroforestry based land use systems compared to the conditions in the non- Agroforestry based practices. It can therefore be recommended that effective SWC measures should be integrative systems where one can integrated both the physical and biological SWC practices simultaneously for improved land health.

Key words: Agroforestry, soil and water conservation, bulk density, soil moisture.

 Received: July 10, 2015  Accepted: August 23, 2014  Published: October 30, 2014

Masebo Et Al

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