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Vol.8 (5), pp. 130-135, May 2020

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Factors Militating against Youth Involvement in Agricultural-based Livelihood in Bwari Area Council, Federal Capital Territory, Abuja

*Akintobi, O. S.,

Aimienoho, O. O.


The realization of the agricultural transformation agenda in Nigeria could be hampered due to poor motivation, disposition and participation of youths in agriculture-based livelihoods. This study analyzed the factors limiting youth participation in agriculture-based livelihood activities in Bwari Area Council, Federal Capital Territory Abuja, Nigeria. Questionnaire and interview schedules were used to collect data from 100 respondents, Data analysis was by the use of frequency, percentage, mean and factor analysis. Results showed that the predominant agriculture-based livelihood activities identified in the study area include: Livestock farming, Crop farming, Agricultural sales and marketing. The main factors limiting youth participation in agriculture-based livelihood activities were identified as: inadequate credit facilities (mean = 3.32), poor investment on return (mean = 3.17), No agricultural insurance (mean = 3.64) among others. Factor analysis reveals poor social values, poor agriculture support services, experience status, agricultural insurance and social values as factors limiting youth involvement. The study revealed that youth participation in agriculture-based activities is average, it is recommended that youth extension should be incorporated in each state agricultural extension intervention programmes for active youths’ involvement in agricultural production and food security drive.

Keywords: Youth, agriculture, livelihood, participation

 Received: April 28, 2020  Accepted: May 20, 2020  Published: May 30, 2020

1Akintobi And Aimienoho

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