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Vol. 9, Pp. 230-235, 2021

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Genetic variability and heritability estimate of maize endosperms using full-sib recurrent selection scheme

A.E. Ochigbo*

T.M. Igyuve

G.O.S. Ojo


In a maize breeding program, pre-requisition entails an understanding of a population’s genetic variability and heritability. The present study was conducted at the Research and Teaching Farms, College of Agriculture, Lafia and Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi, to study the genetic variability and heritability of various maize endosperms developed using full-sib recurrent selection method. A population of 100 Full-sib families each of Sweet corn, Popcorn and field corn generated was laid out in a 10 × 10 balanced lattice square design with three (3) replications. Result with regards to yield showed that Popcorn had the highest yield (1.14t/ha) in Lafia while Sweet corn and Field corn had the highest mean yield in Makurdi (1.07t/ha and 1.02t/ha) respectively as compared to Lafia. Also, the magnitudes of genetic variability in the maize families were wide. Phenotypic coefficient of variation (PCV) was higher than genotypic coefficient of variation (GCV) for all traits under consideration in both locations. The estimates of PCV and GCV were high for grain yield and anthesis-silking interval. High heritability estimate was detected for plant height, ear height, cob weight, days to 50% silking, days to first tasseling and grain yield, while estimation of genetic advance as percent of mean (GAM) at 20% selection intensity ranged from 0.60 (cob weight) to 19.82 (grain yield) in Lafia and from 5.10 (days to 50% silking) to 40.95 (cob weight) in Makurdi, indicating that these traits are under the control of additive gene action. The observed variability revealed considerable amount of diversity among the tested populations which could be manipulated for further improvement in maize breeding.

Keywords: Genetic variability, full-sib, heritability, recurrent selection

 Received: June 3, 2021  Accepted: June 21, 2021  Published: July 20, 2021

Ochigbo Et Al Et Al

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